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1. Log on to - Choose your Lotterey 2. Now, choose your lucky numbers and play options as you would with your regular lottery slip 3. Upon order confirmation, you will receive your official ZigiLotto ticket(s) 4. Once winning numbers have been officially announced, ZigiLotto will publish and email you the result. 5. Winning ticket holder(s) will receive notification from us. 6. Withdraw winnings using your “My Account” page.

Anyone who is 18 years old and above can play lottery games with ZigiLotto. For more information, please refer to our Data sheet.

ZigiLotto is a website that allows you to play the Zigi Biggest Lotteries in the world through our Lottery Ticket Purchasing Service or also know as Messenger Service. You do not need to fly to the country where the lottery game is based because we give you the power to play whenever and wherever you may be.

Signs of a fraudulent SMS, mailing or email claiming you have won a lottery prize: There may be a sense of urgency, e.g. respond within so many days or your account will be closed. There may be embedded links (links within the body of the email) that look legitimate because they contain all or part of a real company name. These links may take you to spoof sites which ask you to update personal information, or may download key logging software onto your PC. Spoof websites can be difficult to spot. If you are in any doubt please contact our customer services team for further advice, but remember if you haven't paid for a ticket or know nothing about the prize you have been offered, then you are likely to be in receipt of a fraudulent mailing. If you don't have a ticket, you can't win. Entering is easy, so get your ticket today.

ZigiLotto affiliate programm is the official affiliate program for It allows affiliates (marketing partners) to generate significant residual income simply by referring new customers to If you run your own website, you are eligible to apply. Joining the program is free of charge and only takes a few minutes!!!

ZigiLotto makes sure to offer variety of payment methods that will be convenient for all the customers' needs. To see the full list of payment methods that we offer please visit our Payments page.

To deposit funds to your account, go to your "My Wallet" page then choose "Deposit Funds" and follow the instructions stated there.To withdraw funds from your account, go to your "My Wallet" page then choose "Withdraw Funds" and follow the instructions stated there.

No. When you confirm your purchase online, the order form will be sent to one of ZigiLotto local offices and representatives purchase the tickets. The process continuously happen all throughout the day until the closing time approaches. As a result, we are unable to cancel an order that has already been forwarded to the local offices, thus we cannot refund your ticket.

We are accepting Great British Pound, Euro and US Dollar and Crypto currencies . To update your default currency and payment method, please contact us at

If you have not used your card with us before, your card provider may not recognize ZigiLotto descriptor that will appear on your card statement. Certain card providers may require you to confirm your transaction before they process and approve it. If you are having trouble with your selected payment method on our site, make sure to follow the instructions in the error message that you received. You may also contact our support team here.

All winnings will be transferred to your ZigiLotto Account automatically. From there, you may withdraw your winnings to your designated payment method or leave all or part of your winnings to your ZigiLotto Account for future participation.To withdraw winnings please go to your accounts page > Withdraw Funds section to view the options available.

Once the official lottery draw has taken place and full prize breakdown have been officially announced, ZigiLotto will post the complete result breakdown on the website. This process will normally be completed after 3 hours the official draw has taken place.

You can check out ZigiLotto Results page for complete result and prize breakdown. We will also send an automated email notification containing the results to all participants of the draw.

After each draw, ZigiLotto's system will automatically check your tickets for any matching numbers and winning combinations. We will send email notification to all the winning ticket holders. All prize winnings will be automatically credited to your ZigiLotto Account.

Certain winnings may be subject to local tax before they can be transferred to you. If you are eligible to jackpot winnings, our customer support team will contact you to discuss your withdrawal or transfer options. We also advise that you consult your local tax authority to find out more about your local tax regulations.

All of the winnings in ZigiLotto are commission-free, regardless of the amount. If you choose to receive your winnings via bank transfer, a bank transfer fee from your bank may apply.

Payout is guaranteed! ZigiLotto has a vested interest in paying our members. Our company is built on repeat business without which we would not succeed. Since inception in 2017, we have maintained a 100% payout record to our winners.

Your account can be suspended for various reasons. Most often, it’s due to a discrepancy between the details you registered and details relevant to the usage of your account. To protect our clients, such accounts are automatically suspended to prevent fraudulent activity. If your account has been suspended, kindly give our Security Department 24 to 48 hours to review your account, after which you will be notified of the outcome.